Weekly Update #4

web-background-21.jpgDiligently working on No Man’s Land. As of this moment, I’m 77,000 words into the first draft. My goal is for the final book to be around 90,000, which is shorter than Super Justice Force. I plan on powering through this month, with the hope of completing the first draft by the end of February. Here’s something a I wrote the other day, to serve as proof that I’m really writing:

“At nineteen years old, Darius Logan had seen more and experienced more than most human beings did their entire lives. He’d experienced trauma, endured abuse, survived on the streets, been locked up, cast aside, and written off. Life had thrown much at Darius—enough to break lesser people—and somehow he always managed to get through the worst of times. This is why it seemed so strange to him that he suddenly felt overwhelmed—he had been through so much worse.”


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